CMS Version 8 User Guide

CMS users will be categorized as one of two roles: Site Manager or Site Contributor.

Site Managers

  • Control the site, approve contributor modifications
  • Move and Rename assets (pages, images, and documents)
  • Create assets
  • Edit assets
  • Publish assets
  • Versioning and audits
  • Restore content from Recycle Bin
  • Approve deletions **

Site Contributors

  • Navigate through the site structure
  • Add and edit assets (pages, images, and documents) through Site Manager approval workflow. *
  • Deletions must go through the Site Manager for approval. If a deletion is denied by the Site Manager, no action is taken. **

* Folders and blocks are usually not subject to approval workflow process

** Approved deletions are automatically forwarded to the Web Development department

CMS Access and NSU Information Provider Agreement

For staff who are looking to gain access to the CMS to maintain site pages, please have them complete the process below.

  • Download the Information Provider Agreement.
  • Complete the Webmaster/Contact Person section of the form.
  • Dean of the College or Department Director complete and approve the Dean/Director section of the agreement.
  • On form, add the URL(s) you are going to manage. Also, note that you will need either Site Manager or Site Contributor access.
  • Once the agreement is completed by you and completed/approved by your Dean/Director, please scan and attach the completed agreement to your OIIT Project Support Form request

For any questions on web site updates, please submit a 'Web Content' request through the OIIT Project Support form.

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