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Visual Interaction Design


It is our job to continually push the boundaries of what is possible and deliver compelling user experiences that help connect the university with prospective students, current students, faculty, and staff. To accomplish this mission the VIA-ID team uses a combination of industry standard processes for Human Centered Design and Project acceleration (Google Design Sprints) to deliver solutions for every audience. 

Design Sprints

Our team leverages Google’s 4-day Design Sprint methodology to jump start the creation of new products and services. During the 4 days we:

  • Discover a targeted challenge that needs to be solved.
  • Define solutions to the challenge and decide on a direction we want to test with potential users of the product or service.
  • Design a prototype a design based on the direction we chose.
  • Validate the design through user testing and summarize feedback to share with implementation teams.

Information Architecture

We strive to develop clean and clear information architectures for each experience we create. Our team works with product owners and other product team members to segment information into goal driven sections that are meaningful to users.

Interaction Design

Interaction design defines the interaction between the users and the digital products we create. We believe that the key to creating great interaction design and great products is finding the connection between business needs, user needs, and technical implementation.

Visual Design

While the interaction design provides the foundation for a product, well-guided visual design ties the experience together. Our visual designs start on paper and morph with user feedback to form high fidelity designs as we move through each of the key features of a product.

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