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With the help of OI
T, NSU’s Shepard Broad Law
School students now have access to state-of-the-art
technology and HD AV systems in its mock and moot
courtrooms. These enhancements will allow our future
lawyers to become comfortable with the technolo-
gies that they will encounter in most federal and state
courtrooms. As a result of these enhancements,
students will have the opportunity to record them-
selves on portable media (DVD, CD, Thumb drives,
etc.) in order to analyze and improve their court room
performances. Thus, students will enjoy a rich mock
trial experience that supplements their solid theoreti-
cal foundation.
The goal of this upgrade was to design a courtroom
that was at the level of the courtrooms used in many
modern trials, such as the Casey Anthony Trial. The
simulated learning space provides the Shepard Broad
Law School with a vital tool that will serve to enhance
the practical skills of graduating Law School students.
to the Shepard
Broad Law School
T making changes to Court Rooms, Judge’s
Chamber and Jury Room