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Key Log Rolling

This exciting and fun sport is a low impact and high cardio activity that improves balance, footwork, core strength, and cardiovascular endurance. It's also great for team bonding. So, gather some friends in your dorm, co-workers from your department, or members in your organization and join us for Key Log Rolling.

We encourage all NSU students and RecPlex members to come out to the RecPlex Leisure Pool and try this free and exciting activity. No experience necessary, and we will always have someone at the pool to help you get started. If you are a beginner and need some assitance, we can add trainers to the logs, offering more resistance and making it easier to get your footing. Then, once you feel up for the challenge, we can lessen or completely remove the trainers for a more challenging experience.

No matter your balance or experience level, this is a fun and FREE activity for all.

Key Log Rolling Schedule

Every Saturday

2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. 

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For more information, please contact

Key Log Rolling is an exciting new way to workout that can be very funny to watch! At NSU we want to support friendly competition, so we have put together a timed Key Log Rolling game for all to participate. This will be an ongoing competition to find our next record holder(s) and be crowned the Key Log Rolling Champion(s). We currently have 4 classifications with both single and double champions. The classes are Minnow (easy), Mackerel (Medium), Tuna (Hard), and Shark (Extreme). The difficulty is based on how many trainers (yellow pads) are placed on the key log to assist with balance (more pads = easier to balance). Those who have the longest time per class will have the opportunity to have their picture and name posted on our website for for all their friends to witness. Rules for the Key Log Rolling competition can be found below. All NSU students and RecWell members are encouraged join!




  • A participant must be continuously moving on a rolling log. Standing still on a log is not allowed and time will not be valid.
  • Doubles: with two people on the log, the time will stop if either participants falls off the log.
  • Rocking the log back and forth and/or any motion that is not continuous rolling will not be considered.
  • Time will start once the key log attendant(s) let go of the log. No other assistance may be given to participants on the key log for time to be valid.
  • The key log attendant and/or lifeguards on duty, will have final say on time and outcome for each event.
  • Time must be tracked by either a key log attendant and/or lifeguard. No other time will be taken.


  • Single – Andrianna Giglio (46 seconds)

Key Log Rolling Adrianna Gigilo

  • Duo – Gabriella Elizabeth Korvalcik & Katie Nichole Wright (6 seconds)

Gabriella Elizabeth Korvalcik & Katie Nichole Wright


  • Single – Max Broxterman (14 seconds)

Max Broxterman

  • Duo – Austin Matthies and Max Broxterman (7 seconds)

Austin Matthies and Max Broxterman


  • Single – Riann Forbes (5 seconds)

Riann Forbes

  • Duo – Riann Forbes and Alison Aleman (5 seconds)

Riann Forbes and Alison Aleman


  • Single – Riann Forbes (5 seconds)

Riann Forbes

  • Duo – Yvain Desplat and Ruben Snyder (4 seconds)

Yvain Desplat and Ruben Snyder

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