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Nova Southeastern University's Aquatics Department is one of the largest, most active aquatic programs in the Southeast United States. NSU Aquatics delivers a wide-variety of activities and programs for NSU students, faculty, staff, alumni and the general public. In addition, the NSU Aquatics Institute offers substantial training and certification courses designed to provide aquatic proficiency, comfort, competence, fitness, and safety.  The NSU Aquatics Institute has established itself as being a premier leader in aquatic education for “training with excellence” and is a proud member of the Florida Swimming Pool Association.

At Nova Southeastern University, we employ highly credentialed professional instructors as well as boast award winning aquatic facilities that serve as excellent teaching environments for our students. Our primary goal is to develop highly trained aquatic professionals through exceptional instructor leadership and training programs that exceed the industry standards. Our exceptional training programs include:


NSU Aquatics Institute and Member of FSPA
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