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CFS/ME and Gulf War Illness Patient Conference 2013January 26, 2013See minute 19:452020 SHIELD Conference

Researcher Discussion
Gulf War Illness Research: Where are we now? Where are we going?

Speakers:Nancy Klimas, M.D. & Kimberly Sullivan, Ph.D.



Veterans’ Panel
Veteran perspectives on Gulf War Illness

Moderator: Jimmy Arocho

Panelists: Bill Watts, Anthony Hardie & David Patterson


Clinicians’ Panel
A Clinical Discussion of Gulf War Illness for Veterans

Moderator: Nancy Klimas, M.D.

Panelists: Alison Bested, M.D.; Violetta Renesca, DNP, APRN; Irina Rozenfeld, APRN; & Denise Kruszynski, FNP



Screenshot of the Miami Veterans Affairs Medical Center video.

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