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Staff and Students

Research AssociateJacqui

Jacqueline is from the University of São Paulo Brazil and has 10 years of experience handing laboratory rodents. Her expertize is focused on models of metabolic and cardiovascular disease associate with exercise training. She has presented several abstracts at several scientific meetings and has numerous published articles and conference presentations in the United States and Brazil. Ms. Machi is knowledgeable and dedicated to her work with live animals; as a Research Associate, she brings her experience in the cardiovascular area to study autonomic treatment strategies for Gulf War Illness (GWI). Experience with surgical and tehcnical laboratory procedures in animal studies, Ms. Machi is trained on invasive and non-invasive techniques, such as catheterization, drug infusion, metabolic test sampling, echocardiography, vascular reactivity in mesenteric, direct recording of blood pressure and heart rate, metabolic assessments, oxidative stress, inflammatory cytokines.



MACHI, J. F., DIAS, D.S; FREITAS, S; MORAES, O; SILVA, M; CRUZ, P; MOSTARDA, C; SALEMI, MV; MORRIS, M; DE ANGELIS, K; IRIGOYEN,MC;  Impact of aging on cardiac function in a female rat model of of menopause: role of autonomic control, inflammation and oxidative stress. Clinical Interventions in Aging.2016.


MICHELLE SARTORI, FILIPE FERNANDES CONTI, DANIELLE DA SILVA DIAS, FERNANDO DOS SANTOS, JACQUELINE FREIRE MACHI, ZAIRA PALOMINO, DULCE ELENA CASARINI, KÁTIA DE ANGELIS, MARIA-CLAUDIA IRIGOYEN.. Role of disautonomy, inflammation and oxidative stress in obesity/diabetes induced-cardiomyopathy in females. Clinical Science. 2015


MORVAN, EDUARDO, LIMA, NATHALIA EDVIGES, MACHI, JACQUELINE FREIRE, MOSTARDA, CRISTIANO, DE ANGELIS, KÁTIA, IRIGOYEN, MARIA CLÁUDIA, WICHI, ROGÉRIO BRANDÃO, RODRIGUES, BRUNO, MAIFRINO, LAURA BEATRIZ. Metabolic, hemodynamic and structural adjustments to low intensity exercise training in a metabolic syndrome model. Cardiovascular Diabetology (Online).  , v.12, p.89 , 2013.


MOSTARDA, C, MORAES-SILVA, IC, SALEMI, VM, MACHI, JF, RODRIGUES, B, DE ANGELIS, K, FARAH, VM, IRIGOYEN, MC. Exercise training prevents diastolic dysfunction induced by metabolic syndrome in rats. Clinics (USP. Impresso). v.67, p.815 820, 2012.

MACHI, J. F., BERNARDES, N, MOSTARDA, C, SILVA, I. M., IRIGOYEN, M. C., DE ANGELIS, KÁTIA, WICHI, R.B. Walking promotes metabolic and baroreflex sensitivity improvement in fructose-fed male rats. European Journal of Applied Physiology (Print). v.2012, p, 2012.


KOIKE, D.C., MACHI, J. F., WICHI, R.B. MORTE SÚBITA DURANTE O EXERCÍCIO FÍSICO. Revista Mackenzie de Educacão Física e Esporte. , v.7, p.131 - 135, 2008.

RodrigoResearch Assistant

Rodrigo is a Research Scholar and Ph.D. student in the Cardiology Program at the University of São Paulo (InCor), Brazil. He has 12 years of experience handing laboratory rodents and 15 years of experience in human clinical studies. His expertize is focused on collecting, registering and the analysis of physical and biological signals on models of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. He has been trained in the use of invasive and non-invasive techniques, such as cannulation, drug infusion, sinoaortic denervation, nerve isolation surgery, nerve signal collection and myocardial infarction model surgery in rats. Mr. Schmidt has 15 years of experience in invasive and transcutaneous electrical stimulation as well as acoustic and electromagnetic fields interaction with biological materials.  

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