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Gordon Broderick, Ph.D.

Gordon BroderickAn engineer by training, Dr. Broderick holds a doctorate in chemical engineering from the University of Montreal as well as a Master’s in chemical engineering and an undergraduate in mechanical engineering both from McGill University. He subsequently completed post-doctoral training at McGill’s School of Computer Science in cancer genomics as well as a research fellowship in computational biochemistry at the University of Alberta where he led a high-performance computing effort in modeling the molecular dynamics of intracellular life.  Building on this study of complex emergent behavior in biology Dr. Broderick’s current research efforts are focused primarily on the emerging field of psycho neuro-immunology and how an integrated systems perspective might improve our understanding of immune, endocrine and neurological dysfunction in complex chronic illness. This work is funded under a number of grants from the US Department of Defense (CDMRP), the NIH and the US Veterans Affairs. A member of the Editorial Board for the Elsevier journal Brain, Behavior and Immunity, Dr. Broderick also contributes as an Associate Editor to the journal BMC Systems Biology. He also sits on the editorial board for the new journal Systems Biomedicine (Landes).

Dr. Broderick recently moved his research from the Department of Medicine at the University of Alberta to join Dr. Nancy Klimas in launching Nova Southeastern University’s new Institute for Neuro-Immune Medicine (INIM). This new institute brings together a cross disciplinary team of researchers from the computational, clinical and basic life sciences with the goal of developing immune and hormone-based therapies for ME/CFS, Gulf war Illness and like illnesses that are both safe and effective.  

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