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Janet Reno

Janet Reno

The nation's first female attorney general, Janet Reno headed the world's largest law office (125,000 employees) for nearly eight years, responsible for the enforcement of federal laws and for defending the government in court. During her watch, crime was dramatically reduced and heightened professionalism became the order of the day in the law enforcement community.

Known throughout the government for integrity, independence and respect for the rules of laws and evidence, Ms. Reno worked ceaselessly to bring “justice” to the Department of Justice. She used the authority of her office to enforce civil rights, environment and health statutes with the same professionally innovative approaches that achieved conventional crime rate reductions throughout her tenure. Her courage, vision and dedication to both duty and principle are legendary – and have made her one of the country's most admired women.

The longest serving attorney general since before the civil war, Ms. Reno recognized the opportunities for both good and evil in the electronic information revolution that marked the phenomenal growth of the 1990's. She increased the government's information technology resources devoted to law enforcement. At the same time, she recognized that the uncharted airwaves of cyberspace could facilitate globalize criminal activity – and that effective electronic security measures are needed to assure the common international economic good.

About Janet Reno

A native daughter of South Florida, Ms. Reno graduated from Coral Gables High School, Cornell University and Harvard Law School. Prior to her appointment as attorney general, she served for 15 years as the State's Attorney for Dade County.

No stranger to public speaking, Ms. Reno (a debating champion in high school) brings her sharp mind, strong voice and keen wit to the keynote podium. Speech topics include “Law Enforcement and Private Sector Partnerships”, “Effectively Managing Complex Organizations”, “The Legal Profession as Problem Solvers and Peacemakers”, and “International Aspects of American Justice.”

Janet Reno will continue to be involved with issues important to her, including advocacy for children, problem solving, law enforcement, and elder justice. She lives at the family's home in South Florida and is hoping to see more of her country.

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