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Weekly Tech Talk

Blackboard to Canvas Comparison

Issue Date: 03-16-2018

Canvas Logo

Canvas is a 21st-century cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) that is reliable and easy to use. Canvas also offers a different approach to sharing learning content with your students. Canvas utilizes modules approach over the folder structure of Blackboard.

The Canvas LMS features a dashboard where instructors and students can see all of their courses and can customize the dashboard to color code their courses. The featured To Do List on the homepage notifies instructors and students of upcoming tasks. Similar to Blackboard, Canvas features an inline grading tool called the SpeedGrader. Instructors can personalize their feedback by recording short videos, audio clips, and it will transform your speech into text. Instructors can also view the grading rubric and Criteria Description while grading students’ assignments in the SpeedGrader. The Canvas Mobile app is an essential tool for teaching and learning on the go. Instructors and students can use the Mobile App to actively engage and collaborate with course participants. Canvas also features some additional tools that are easy to deploy for monitoring student learning such as:

We will use these Tech Talks to share in depth information about Canvas, so please feel free to share with your colleagues.

Blackboard to Canvas Comparison Sheet

Click here for a "How To" tip sheet that summarizes the differences in workflow from Blackboard to Canvas.

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