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Important Update About Student Preview Mode

Issue Date: 02-17-2017

If you actively use student preview mode in your Blackboard course(s), and you also host chat sessions with GoToTraining, leaving your student preview user in the course roster can create an issue with scheduling/hosting in GoToTraining.

In order to bypass the problem, please make sure to update your student preview settings to “Delete the preview user and all data” instead of the default “Keep the preview user and all data” option.

To change this setting at any time, perform the following steps:

Step 1:

Access your course, and enter student preview mode.

1 Screen Shot

Step 2:

Select settings in the student preview bar.

2 Screen Shot

Step 3:

Select “Delete the preview user and all data (Recommended),” and click Save.

3 Screen Shot

Step 4:

Access the GoToTraining integration in your course.

  1. Select the “Enrollments” tab
  2. Click “Update Enrollments”

Step 4

Performing this step will remove your student preview user from the attendee list that was submitted to GoToTraining when the session was created.

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