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Import Channel in Blackboard

Issue Date: 05-06-2016

It is possible to import content from one channel into another, i.e. import content from one course into another course. Need to import the content from multiple courses into a single course? Just repeat the steps below as many times as needed. The import function provides a listing of all other courses where you have content, and displays them in a simple format enabling you to add them to any course you are an instructor of.

Step 1:

Navigate to the course where you want content to appear.

Step 2:

Enter the Media Gallery in that course

Note: If no content has been added to the course yet, a message will appear that reads: “To import content from another media gallery you manage, click here.”

Step 3:

Click the “Click here” message, or select Actions>Import


Step 4:

Select the course to “Import From” and click “Import”


Step 5:

A notification will appear that importing has successfully started. Clicking the link will automatically refresh the page.



Step 6:

Repeat these steps as many times as needed to import additional content from other courses.

Tags: Training, Course Tools

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