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Discussion Board: Assigning Forum Roles

Issue Date: 04-22-2016

Forum roles can be assigned to limit access to a forum (Reader), to block access (Block user from forum), or to help with forum administration (Moderator or Grader).

Access the Discussion Board.

1. Click a Forum’s Action Link to access the contextual menu.

2. Select Manage. A list of users appears.


3. Check the box next to the name of the users you want to change the role for.

4. Click on Edit Role and select the desired role.


5. Click OK to return to the Discussion Board.

Reminder: Faculty Online Certification Course

There are a multiple ways to earn your faculty online certification:

1. Self-paced on your own; You should see the course titled Faculty Online Certification v2 in your course list under “Courses where you are a Student”. Recordings for each unit are available inside the course so that you can listen and work along at your own pace.

2. Guided online GoTo training sessions (5 sessions at 2 hours each)

3. In person guided training sessions (5 sessions at 2 hours each or Bootcamp)

4. Face-paced Bootcamp; Complete all of the competencies in just two days

To register for any of the above sessions please go to

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