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Creating Announcements

Issue Date: 01-06-2017

To engage and increase communication with students in an online course, faculty should inform students of upcoming events and course activities, one way to do this is to use the Announcements tool in Blackboard. The Announcements tool provides students with course reminders and updates. Announcements can contain text, images, and multimedia, as well as links to course content.

Make sure the Edit Mode is ON

  1. On the Control Panel, under Course Tools, select Announcements.
  2. Click Create Announcement.
  3. On the Create Announcement page, enter the Subject and the Message.

Web Announcement Options

  1. Choose whether to display the announcement permanently, or select date check boxes and enter dates and times. NOTE: If no boxes are checked and no dates are selected, the most current announcement will be at the top of the list by default.
  2. Choose if you want Blackboard to email a copy of this announcement to all course users regardless of those users’ notification settings.

Course Link (optional)

Choose if you want to create a Course Link (a course link takes your students to a particular area or file within your course).

Click Submit

Watch video for step by step instructions

Tags: Instructional Design Tips, Course Tools: Announcements, Build Content and Course Management

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