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Create Assignments

Issue Date: 02-03-2017

Blackboard assignments tool allows instructors to create coursework and manage the grades and feedback for each student. Assignments are created in content areas, learning modules, lesson plans, and folders. Any instructions and file attachments that students need to complete the assignment are provided at the time of creation. It is possible deliver assignments to each student individually or as collaborative work for groups of students

When an assignment is created, a Grade Center column is created automatically. From the Grade Center or Needs Grading page, you can see who has submitted their work and start grading.

To Create an Assignment

1. Make sure the Edit Mode is ON and access the course area where you want to create the assignment.

2. From the Assessments menu, select Assignment.


3. On the Create Assignment page provide the assignment name and instructions. Add files in the Assignment files section as needed. 

4. Optionally, select a Due Date. Assignments with due dates automatically show in the course calendar.


5. In the Grading section, enter Points Possible and optionally add a rubric. For more on assignment grade settings click here.

6. Select the checkbox to make the assignment available, as well as the options for availability, tracking and display dates.

7. Select Submit.


For more information about creating and editing assignments click here.

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