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Course Messages

Issue Date: 01-13-2017

Course messages is a private and secure messaging tool that is similar to email except that it remains within a Blackboard course. Course messages can only be sent and received by course users. The advantage of using Course Messages is the ability to retain instructor and student exchanged messages. Students who are sent a course message will receive a notification via the What’s New module located in the Notifications Dashboard or on the course Home Page. Typically, students access course messages from the course menu.

Add the Course Message Tool Link to the course menu:

  1. Change Edit Mode to ON and select the plus sign “+” above the course menu.
  1. The Add Menu Item list appears.
  1. Select Tool Link.
  1. Type a Name for the link.
  1. In the Type list, select Course Messages.
  1. Select the Available to Users check box.
  1. Select Submit

Watch video to learn more

Tags: Instructional Design Tips, Course Tools: General Course Tools Tips, Course Tools

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