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How To Download a Blackboard Course

Issue Date: 03-02-2018

Blackboard offers two ways to download the contents of a course for future use elsewhere: the Archive Tool and the Export Tool.

Use the Export tool to create a package file containing all of the course content for the purpose of reusing the course content at a later date or at another institution. In addition, during the following steps you can selectively choose what content is included in the exported package.

Use the Archive tool to create a package file containing ALL of the course content and all of the user interactions. An archive is a frozen snapshot or permanent record of the entire course, not just the instructor prepared materials. 

To export a Blackboard course:

1. Click on Packages and Utilities in the Course Management menu.

2. Click on Export/Archive Course.

Export BB 1

3. Click the Export button.

4. Select Copy links and copies of the content (include all Course Files)

5. Optional- Click the Calculate Size button to show how much material is in the course.

Export BB 2

6. Select Course Materials, you have the option to Select All, or individual areas and tools.

Export BB 3

7. Select Submit.

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