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This Week in the LEC...

The LEC's first publication of "This Week in the LEC..." and information about our upcoming Workshops

Issue Date: 11-01-2019

What is the LEC?

The newly established Learning and Educational Center (LEC) is dedicated to providing faculty with resources that are designed to support and promote a culture of teaching excellence. Learn more about the Learning & Educational Center.

What’s New in the LEC?

Looking for inspiration and support? The LEC is taking teaching and learning to a new level. Over the next few months, we will begin offering workshops where faculty can explore diverse approaches to engaging students, using course design strategies from Quality Matters, Universal Design for Learning, as well as other learning frameworks, models, theories, and technologies. Our new workshops will present evidence-based practices and are grounded in the science of teaching and learning. Active learning, learning objectives, and course alignment-What do these buzzwords really mean? We look forward to answering these questions and more during our upcoming workshops. 

We welcome you to come and explore!

These power-hour workshops are in-person and hosted by the learning designers, administrators, and virtual Canvas trainers in the Learning and Educational Center.  Our goal is to eventually make these available online.  For now they are being offered as face-to-face sessions only.  You will receive resources, strategies, and practices that will help your students develop 21st-century skills and mindsets.

You will be able to immediately apply what you learn directly to your own course. Each workshop is limited to only 10 faculty members. So, don’t delay- register today!

Our upcoming workshop offerings are listed below. Each workshop is approximately one hour.

This table displays the available workshops to register for.

Workshop Title

Date & Time

Registration URL

Writing Course Objectives

November 19th 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Don't Crash Your Course! Check Your Course for Alignment

December 4th

Plagiarism and Using Turnitin for your Online Courses

December 12th 9:30am – 10:30am


To browse our course offerings visit

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