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Correction: Library Workshop for Students: Citation Resources

Issue Date: 09-27-2019

If your students are struggling with citations in writing assignments, please share this valuable resource with your students. You will be able to forward this workshop by sending a course message to your students or by posting an announcement in your Canvas course. Students who have attended these workshops have improved their use of citations in writing assignments. 

Workshop: Citation Resources

This workshop will demonstrate how to use citation resources that are available through the Alvin Sherman Library. The following styles will be discussed during the specific times during the workshop:

12:00pm-12:20pm APA
12:20pm-12:40pm MLA
12:40pm-1:00pm Chicago/APSA

(This workshop will run on October 16th and Oct 24th.)

Workshop Details:
Time:12:00pm - 1:00pm
Location:Second Floor, Lab A
Campus:Davie- Main
Registration is not required to participate in this event.
Click on the Event Page for the workshop details.

Tags: Assessments and Assignments, Canvas

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