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Canvas Updated Features: Discussions and Global Navigation

Issue Date: 08-23-2019

Canvas is always looking for ways to improve and update their Learning Management System (LMS). Canvas collects feature ideas from educators and designers across the entire country in the Canvas Community. Based on the valuable input they receive, Canvas has released the following updates to Discussions and Global Navigation as of August 14th. 


In Discussions, the option for students to add file attachments is enabled now by default in new courses. 

How does this impact Instructors?

When instructors view the Discussions Settings in new courses, the option to Attach Files to Discussions is selected by default. If preferred, instructors can disable the option for students to add attachments in Course Settings or the Discussions Settings menu.

Canvas Discussion Settings

Global Navigation

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) tools with user navigation placement display in the User Navigation Account Menu. This change helps you access these LTI tools more quickly without having to open the User Setting page. 

How does this impact Instructors?

Any user with an account that included LTI tool navigation links in their User Settings page will also view the links in their User Navigation Account Menu.

Global Navigation LTI Tools


Global Account LTI Tools


Feature Update to Quizzes Coming Soon:

  • New Quizzes
    • Assessment Preview
    • Item Bank Sharing


For technical assistance with Canvas, contact Canvas Support by clicking on the Help Icon in the Course Navigation Menu in Canvas. You can also chat with a Canvas Support Agent or contact Canvas Support by phone at 1-833-879-0862. 


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