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Edit and Endorse Syllabi in AppCentral

Issue Date: 08-24-2018

Syllabus Management System in AppCentral is centralized repository of syllabi for all course sections at NSU. You may access AppCentral by going to or by logging into Sharklink and clicking on the AppCentral icon.

To Edit and Endorse your Syllabi, follow the steps below:

Step 1 - Log into AppCentral. Once logged into AppCentral proceed to the Syllabus management application under the “My Applications” section. You may have multiple syllabus management applications if you teach courses at multiple colleges.



Step 2 - Click on "Course Sections"  and then click on the “My Course Sections.” This will take you to a search by term page and display courses and sections taught and available in Banner. 


Step 3 - Select the term under “Filters” and then click on “Search.”


Step 4 - Expand course to see sections, then click “Edit Syllabus.”


Step 5 - Click anywhere in the yellow input area to open the editor tool. There are no limits on content amount.

yellow input area

Step 6 - Once editing is complete, click "OK" to update the content.


Step 7 - Click on “Save” at the bottom left of the page.

NOTE: After saving you can view the updated PDF document by clicking the Preview Syllabus.

Step 8 - Click on "Endorse" to endorse your syllabus. By clicking the “Endorse” button on the bottom of a syllabus indicates you are done with all your changes and it is ready for students. Your college may require a minimum number of endorsements before a student can see a syllabus to ensure completion and review.

Note: An unchecked "Endorse" button indicates that your syllabus has NOT been endorsed. A checked "Endorsed" button indicates that your syllabus has been endorsed.




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