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Preparing Your Canvas Courses for Fall

Issue Date: 08-10-2018

As you prepare for the upcoming semester, here are things to keep in mind to complete your Canvas course set up. Click the links below for additional information.

Review Content

  • Enter Getting Started content
  • Enter module level Objectives and Wrapups
  • Organize any unorganized content (We tried to organize into modules when possible. If we couldn't, the suggested template is below your current content)

Review modules for:

  • Module naming convention (You may need to update this.)
  • Missing content you might need to recreate
  • Publish and Unpublish modules and individual items as needed

Review content pages for:

  • References to Blackboard
  • Broken links (You can use the Link Validator tool to assist.)
  • SharkMedia videos (These need to be re-added manual, as these did not convert over.)


Announcements were imported, but you will need to update announcement dates (or delete them if you want to start fresh).


  • Setup Groups, Availability Date, Due Dates and Points
  • Enable Turnitin or Respondus as needed

Discussion Boards

  • Discussions are listed in order of most recent activity. If you want to modify this, you can pin each discussion board and reorder them
  • Enter the description for the discussion board if none already exists
  • Check settings for each discussion board - set items such as Availability Date, allowing threaded replies, etc
  • By default - students can create discussions, edit and delete own posts - you may wish to disable this
  • If 'starter' threads were used to introduce topics - you will need to recreate them


Only content that was deployed in Blackboard is available under Files. The entire content collection is available in the Blackboard Content Collection Backup under Files


Groups may exist but come into a single group set. You may expect them to be multiple group sets and have to recreate them


  • Please note that there are some unsupported question types (Hotspot, Calculated - using LateX, equations may need to be re-entered in Canvas - there is no gui editor) Must verify quizzes and pool questions work properly. May need to recreate/re-setup pools and quizzes
  • Look for quizzes that pull questions from multiple pools, make sure settings are correct


  • Verify Rubrics were imported correctly and point values are accurate
  • Attach rubrics to Assignments as needed


Your Syllabus will be automatically linked to the Syllabus in AppCentral Syllabus Manager tool.


Conferences are created on demand - they can be recorded, recordings remain available for 14 days.
GotoTraining will also be available.

External LTIs

Most commonly used LTIs (like McGraw-Hill, etc) are enabled. If you are using something else that is not available, let us know

Media Gallery

If you used a media gallery in Blackboard, you may need to recreate the content from SharkMedia.

Tags: Canvas

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