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Mastery Paths in Canvas

Issue Date: 09-21-2018

The Canvas Mastery Paths feature allows instructors to differentiate learning for students based on their performance on an Assignment or a Quiz. After the item is graded, the student can be diverted to three different paths based on their score on the Quiz or Assignment. The path that students are sent down can have different Content Pages, Quizzes, Discussions and Assignments. 

Before you can use Mastery Paths, the Mastery Paths feature option needs to be enabled in account settings.


Mastery Path 1


Add Course Modules

In Course Navigation Menu, click the Modules.

All course assignments and pages should be developed and added to Modules as module items.


Add Mastery Paths to source content items

By default, any graded assignment, graded discussion, or graded quiz may be used as the source content items for a Mastery Paths, such as a graded pre-test or a graded introductory assignment.

Mastery Path 2


  1. Click the three dots on the right side of source content item

Mastery Path 3


  1. Select “Mastery Paths” and click the link to open Mastery Path 4

Add Conditional Items 

In the Mastery Paths field, you can set up conditional content items in three scoring ranges. You can adjust the Initial assignment scores by clicking in the field and changing the value. 

  • Click Mastery Paths link
  • Click “+” sign in the first scoring range. A content window will appear showing all available conditional items.
  • Search and Select the conditional items.
  • If you select more than one conditional items, “&” will appear by default. Click “&” to switch it to “Or”. Click “Or” again to switch it back to “&”. “&” means a group of assignments must be completed with an achieved score in the given range. Each scoring range can hold up to three individual course items or three assignment groups.
  • Repeat the same steps to add conditional items in the other two scoring ranges.
  • Click on “Save” button

Mastery Path 5


Once you save your Mastery Paths content, a Mastery Paths link shows on the Modules page. Click this Mastery Paths link to revisit the Mastery Paths configuration page to review or make changes to your conditional content items at any time.

Mastery Path 6


For more information about Mastery Paths click here.


Tags: Canvas

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