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How To Create Turnitin Assignments in Canvas

Issue Date: 10-05-2018

Turnitin is a plagiarism detection tool which is embedded in Canvas. Faculty can create assignments using Turnitin in Canvas. Follow the steps below on how to create a Turnitin Assignment in your Canvas Course.

  • In your Canvas course, click on ASSIGNMENTS on the left side Menu.


  • Click on + ASSINGMENT on the top right corner of the page
  • Fill out the Assignment details: Name, Description, Points, choose Assignment Groups if it is a Group assignment.
  • Now, under Submission Type from the drop-down menu select: EXTERNAL TOOL. In the search bar below, type: TURNITIN and click FIND.



  • Scroll down on the list of options (options are alphabetically arranged), click on TURNITIN and then click SELECT.



  •  Fill out rest of the Assignment details and click SAVE AND PUBLISH or just SAVE if you want to delay publishing the assignment.

After students have posted their assignments, you can see the submissions by clicking on the Assignment to grade.

Learn More About Turnitin

Want to learn more about using Turnitin in Canvas? Join a live webinar that covers:

  • How to create a Turnitin assignment (including how to create rubrics)
  • How students submit a Turnitin assignment and how they access the originality report and erater spelling and grammar feedback
  • How instructors access the originality report and what it means
  • How instructors access the erater spelling and grammar feedback and what it means
  • Using spelling and grammar suggestions and the originality report as formative or summative feedback
  • How instructors provide feedback to their students (including how to grade with rubrics and manage quickmarks)
  • How students access their feedback and grades

Two Online sessions are scheduled 

Monday, Oct. 15: 9am - 10am

To join click:

Monday, Oct. 22: 2pm - 3pm

To join click:


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