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How To Check Your Syllabus Endorsement Report

Issue Date: 10-19-2018

Syllabi are automatically added to your Canvas courses through the Appcentral application. The syllabus can only be added to your course after it has been endorsed by you and your program office. Editing and endorsing your syllabus will notify your school’s program office that it has been completed. Your syllabus will then be reviewed and endorsed a second time. This second endorsement pushes your syllabus to your course and makes it visible to students. An endorsement report is available to you in Appcentral that allows you to check the status of your syllabus and to know if your syllabus is available for students.

Step 1:

Sign into

Endorsement Report 1

Step 2:

Go to the My Applications section on the right side of Appcentral to locate your syllabi. Select the syllabi you want to view.

Endorsement report 3

Step 3:

Go to the left side menu and hover over the black bar to reveal the Navigation section of Appcentral. Click on Report drop down menu.

Endorsement report 3

Step 4:

Select Endorsement Report.

Endorsement report 4

Step 5:

On the Filters menu select the Term code (ex. Fall 2018). All Part of Term and All Templates are optional. Click Apply.

Endorsement report 5

Step 6:

You will be presented with your school’s full endorsement report. You can use the find feature in your specific browser (Ctrl + F for Windows or + F for Mac) to locate your name, course name or CRN.

Go to the status section of the Endorsement Report to see if your Syllabus has met the required amount of endorsements to be pushed to your Canvas course.

You will also be able to see when you endorsed your syllabus and who endorsed your syllabus under the Endorsement section of the report.

 Endorsement report 9

Step 7:

There are three possible results that will be presented when viewing your syllabus report:

Endorsement 6

Both you and your program office have endorsed your syllabus.

Action Required: None. Syllabus is accessible in your course.

Endorsement 7 

Only you have endorsed your syllabus.

Action Required: Contact your program office to receive your second endorsement.

Endorsement 8
No syllabus endorsements.

Action Required: Endorse and save your syllabus to receive your second endorsement.

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