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How to Add Users to Your Canvas Course

Issue Date: 10-26-2018

Did you know that you can add users to your own Canvas course? Faculty can add teaching assistants and other faculty members to Canvas courses.

Please note: Faculty can not add students to CRN courses, however students can be added to non-CRN courses.

Follow these steps to add users to Canvas courses.

Step 1:

In your Canvas course navigation menu, click on the People tab.

Add users 1

Step 2:

Click the Add People button.

Add users 2

Step 3:

Click on the bubble to select how you will add the user: Add users by Email Address or Login ID ex. lsmith.

Add users 3

Step 4:

Select the user’s details: Role, Section, Interaction and click Next.

Add users 4

Step 5:

Until the user accepts the course invitation in their Canvas dashboard, the user's status will display as pending.

Add users 5

Tags: Canvas, Build Content and Course Management

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