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Creating Assignment Groups in Canvas

Issue Date: 11-02-2018

Use Assignment Groups to organize course Assignments, create grading rules and configure weighted grading. The default Assignment Group in every course is called, “Assignments.” You can rename it or create new Assignment Groups with your own titles. Every Assignment must be in an Assignment Group.


 1. Click “Assignments” on the Course Navigation Bar.

Assignment Groups 1


2. Click on +Group

 Assignment Group 2

3. Type the Group Name.

 Assignment groups 3

 4. Click “Save” OR


*5. Optional: If you would like to weight the final grade by using the assignments groups, then type in the percentage value for the assignment group in the % of total grade field and then click on “Save.”

 Assignment Groups 5


Click on this link from Canvas for more information on editing and managing an assignment group:

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