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Canvas is Here!

Issue Date: 08-17-2018

You may access Canvas by going to or by logging into Sharklink and clicking on the Canvas icon. As you continue to prepare for your course(s), here are some things to keep in mind.

Fall 2018 Courses

All Fall I courses have been released in Canvas.  Please submit a ticket to if you are unable to view your Fall I 2018 Canvas Course. 

Publish/Unpublish Items, setting Content Availability 

Review content in your course to see if it is Published or Unpublished, and check availability dates for your Assignments, Discussions and Quizzes.

Items can be in a Published or Unpublished state. Content that is unpublished is not visible to students. Content that is published is accessible to students, as long as any conditions (i.e. availability dates, assigned groups, prerequisites) have been met.

You can adjust availability for any type of content in Canvas:

  • Modules, and any content within a module, can be published or unpublished
  • Modules can be published, but locked until a certain date
  • Assignments, Discussions and Quizzes all have availability dates and due dates.
  • Announcements have a Delay Posting option

Click here for steps on publishing/unpublish content.   

Canvas Support

Canvas has dedicated support available 24/7 for NSU faculty, staff, and students. For questions or issues relating to the Canvas Learning management system(LMS), please contact Canvas Support. Canvas provides a convenient way to access support anytime you need it. 

Once you log into Canvas from your Global Navigation menu, the Help menu has three main options for Faculty support:

  1. Report a Problem - Open a ticket with Canvas support for an email response.
  2. Canvas Support Hotline (Faculty) 1-833-879-0862 - Call 24/7 to speak with live support.
  3. Chat with Canvas Support (Faculty) - Live chat with Canvas Support!

Canvas Training and Open Labs

Canvas Training

Canvas trainings are scheduled throughout August and September. Trainings can be attended in person or online. Click here for training dates and registration. Sign in with your NSU username and password, select My Traincaster, and browse the Classroom Calendar.

Upcoming Session Dates:





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