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Canvas Teacher App

Issue Date: 11-09-2018

The Canvas Teacher App provides instant access to submissions that need grading, important class announcements, communication with your students, and course content updates. It is available for iOS and Android mobile devices. The App allows teachers to manage their courses on the go, both inside and outside of the classroom.

The Canvas Teacher App can be downloaded for free in the iOS App store or Android Google Play Store.


Grading Submissions

Teachers can view student submissions and provide feedback with the embedded SpeedGrader, use grading rubrics, or annotate an assignment within the mobile app. 

Canvas Teacher App 1

1. Use the annotation tools to highlight, select text, and provide comments.

2. Grade the assignment.

3. Provide comments to the student. 

4. View the files attached. 

5. Click “Done” or swipe to the left or right to assess the next student.

The grade will immediately post to the gradebook.


Creating Announcements 

Post a text, video, or voice announcement to the class.

Canvas Teacher App 2

1.Click the “+” sign to start the announcement.

 Canvas Teacher App 3

2. Type the title.

3. Type a description. 

4. Choose the course section and customize posting options.

5. Attach any files, if necessary. When finished, click “Done” to post the announcement.


Messaging Students

Applying a filter to a assignment submission will allow you to send a message to various groups.

Canvas Teacher App 4

1.Select the “Needs Grading” assignments.

 Canvas teacher app 5

2.Click the “Filter” Option.

 Canvas Teacher App 6

3.Select the filter.

4.Click “Done”.

You will then type your message and send it to your students.


To learn about the features of using the Canvas Teacher mobile app, visit


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