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What Can Microsoft OneNote Do?

Issue Date: 09-29-2017


Have you ever needed to jot down a great idea or create a quick note that you don't want to forget? Or perhaps you've managed to create your notes, but they are floating around on several colorful Post-it notes. Either way, Microsoft OneNote is an application that can assist! Whether you're in the office, school, or even at home, you can use OneNote to take notes wherever you are.

What Can Microsoft OneNote Do?

OneNote is a multimedia digital notebook that can not only store, but also create text, pictures, files, whiteboard interactives, plus video and audio recordings. 

  • You can create notebooks for different purposes and each notebook can be organized into sections for researching, brainstorming, outlining, sharing, and more.
  • Entire files such as Word documents, PDF's, and Excel spreadsheets can be inserted into notebooks for categorizing.
  • Notes can be quickly accessed by adding searchable custom tags.
  • A noteworthy feature of OneNote is that it can automatically save and synchronize your notes, so that you are able to access your notebooks on your mobile devices and even your desktop systems.
  • OneNote also has lots of accessibility features, including large print and high contrast displays, as well as the support of alt text and screen readers. 
There are a few different ways to start using OneNote. One option is to type "OneNote" in the search bar from your Windows 10 desktop or sign into OneNote online through Sharklink:
  1. Log into
  2. Click on the "OFFICE 365" square
  3. Click on the "OneNote" square to launch

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