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Online Course Readiness Checklist

Issue Date: 05-19-2017

The term has already started, but is your course really ready?

The Instructional Design (ID) Team supports all instructors in the development and advancement of their courses. We would like to share with you a checklist that allows instructors to quickly determine the readiness of their course as it relates to course quality.

Take a look at the Course Readiness Checklist to see how your course stacks up. The checklist is divided into eight sections based on topics such as Course Overview & Introduction, Learning Objectives and Accessibility to name a few. Feel free to use this checklist as a guide to crafting a high quality course. After taking a look at the checklist, if you need any assistance to develop your course, our Instructional Design Team would be glad to assist you.

For assistance, send us a request at and select Instructional Design Request.

Course readiness checklist

Tags: Instructional Design Tips

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