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Importing Questions with Respondus 4.0

Issue Date: 03-17-2017

Respondus 4.0 allows users to import questions formatted using Microsoft Word, plain text, or rich-text editors. The document must be organized in a “Standard Format” before it can be imported into Respondus 4.0. Users import question types such as, multiple choice, true-false, essay, multiple answer and fill in the blank. Multiple choice questions must be formatted using the standard format outlined below.


Formatting Multiple Choice Questions

1. Question Numbering

Each question must begin with a question number, followed by either a period “.” or a right parentheses “)”. 

2. Question Wording

The question wording must follow the question number and the period (or right parentheses). One space or one tab should be placed before the question wording.     

One space

3. Answer Choices

Each possible answer choice must begin with a letter followed by a period “.” or a right parentheses “)”.

Answer choices

4. Correct Answers

You can identify correct answers in two ways. You may place an asterisk (*) directly in front of the answer choice. (Do not put a space between the asterisk and the answer choice.)The second option is to place an answer key list at the end of the file. The list must begin with the word “Answers:” (Any text typed after the answer key will be ignored so no additional questions can be added).

Answer key

Importing Questions with Respondus

Watch the video below for step by step instructions on importing questions with Respondus 4.0.

For more information about formatting the other question types such as, such as, true-false, essay, multiple answer, and fill in the blank.  Please reference the Respondus 4.0 User Guide for Blackboard Learn at:

Import Questions with Respondus

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