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Downloading Microsoft Office Suite

Issue Date: 10-13-2017

Did you know the Microsoft Office Suite is provided to all current faculty and staff members at Nova Southeastern University? The only credentials necessary for download and use are your NSU email and password.

The following steps will allow you to download the office suite to your personal computer.

Step 1: Open up a browser and go to:

Download MS Ofc 1

Step 2: Sign in with your NSU credentials (full email address and password).

Download MS Ofc 2

Step 3: After signing into your inbox, locate the Office 365 logo on the upper left hand corner of your browser window and click.

Download MS Ofc 3

Step 4: A new page will open with all the applications available for download. Select Install Office 2016 on the right side of the page.

Download MS Ofc 4

Step 5: The Office 2016 will appear in your browser’s downloads section. Please follow the instructions provided by office 365 to complete the download.

Download MS Ofc 5

Step 6: You will be prompted to "Save File".

Download MS Ofc 6

Step 7: The file will save to download locations as follows:


Firefox’s download section can be accessed by selecting the down arrow on the upper right hand corner.

Download MS Ofc 7

Google Chrome

Google Chrome will present the download at the bottom of your window.

Download MS Ofc 8

Internet Explorer

Internet explorer requires you to select Install software.

Download MS Ofc 9

Step 8: Select "Install" on the next page.

Download MS Ofc 10

Step 9: After selecting "Install", follow the instructions found in the image below.

Download MS Ofc 11

Tags: Software, Office365

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