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Deleting Recurring GoTo Training Sessions

Issue Date: 02-24-2017

When creating recurring sessions in your Blackboard courses, be advised that deleting a previously hosted recurring session or series will also delete the link to all the associated recording that appears in your course. NOTE: Only the link will be deleted. The recording will still be available under the My Recordings section on the GoToTraining website.

If this happens, the recording link cannot be re-instated under the recordings tab, but will instead need to be added manually to the course as a content item.

To add a recording manually to the following:

Step 1:

Visit and login.

Step 2:

Access your My Recordings page.

Step 3:

Copy the URL from the GoToTraining website:

a. Click the icon that looks like a paper clip.

Click the Icon

b. Click Copy on the window that appears.

Share Recording

Step 4:

Make sure edit mode is on in your course.

Edit Mode

Step 5:

Click the + icon on the course menu and select Web Link.

Click the Icon

Step 6:

Enter a title for your recording web link, paste the link, and make sure available to users is checked.

Add Web Link

GoTo Sessions for Over 200 Students

If you are teaching a course with more than 200 students registered, you will not be able to create a GoToTraining session through the custom integration in your course.

As a workaround, create the session via, and post the registration link in your Blackboard course.

Keep in mind, only 200 participants can attend at a time, and this is a known limitation of the software.

Tags: Course Tools, GoToTraining

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