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Create a GoTo Training Session Outside of Blackboard

Issue Date: 04-21-2017

If you encounter any issues creating a GoTo Training session in Blackboard, you can schedule a session outside of Blackboard by going directly to the website. Please note: The maximum number of GoTo Training session participants is 200. Blackboard courses with over 200 students will need to schedule GoTo sessions on the the website.

Step 1:

Go to the website:

Step 2:

Sign in at the top right hand corner.

Step 3:

If you do not know your GoTo Training password, you can select “My Company ID”.


Step 4:

Type in your NSU email address and click continue. It will then bring you to your NSU email, sign in with your normal credentials, and it will redirect you back to GoTo Training.Goto3

Step 5:

Click on Create a Training in left side menu. 


Step 6:

Fill in the information for your training session and click Schedule.


Step 7:

Your session is now ready to start. To share the session with your students click on Share.


Step 8:

Click on Email Registration URL.


Step 9:

Your email will open and populate with the session information. You can enter your students email addresses to send out the invitation to join the session.


Step 10:

When you are ready to begin your session, click on Start. After you launch the session, the students will be able to join.


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