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NSU Grades Tool

Issue Date: 12-09-2016

The NSU Grades tool allows for final grades to be uploaded into WebStar seamlessly. To enable this tool you must complete the NSU Grades tutorial following the instructions below.  Once you have viewed the tutorial and completed the quiz the NSU Grade tool will be made available in your course(s).

Step 1:

Log into one of your Blackboard Courses.

From the Control Panel, select Course Tools, then NSU Grades.


Step 2:

Click on the link "Access the training course here" and you will be taken directly to the Blackboard course containing the NSU Grades Tool tutorial.


Step 3:

Click on Getting Started to view the Tutorial. Then click "Mark Reviewed".


Step 4:

Click on the Quiz of Completion to assess your learning.


Following completion of the tutorial and quiz the NSU Grades tool will be available in your course(s) during the assigned grading period.

Additional NSU Grades Tool documents are available for download in the Grade Documents folder.

Important Dates

Deadline to submit requests: December 19th

SSS Closed: December 24th – January 2nd

Open normal operating hours January 3rd

Tags: Course Tools: General Course Tools Tips

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