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NSU Email Encryption

Issue Date: 07-15-2016

In our effort to ensure the security and integrity of our email environment, we encrypt all outbound email messages, containing Social Security Numbers (SSN), credit card numbers, and other sensitive data. The encryption function is completed automatically, as our email system recognizes the sensative data and encrypts that message, ensuring an enhanced security environment. This NSU Email Encryption policy was established to protect sensitive information from being transmitted externally from NSU in an unencrypted state.

How does this new function impact me?

If you send an email message outside of the university's email environment and it has a Social Security Number (SSN), credit card numbers, and other sensitive data in the message or in any attachments, this message will be automatically encrypted. You will then receive the message below.


The recipient, will receive an email from the sender stating, they have been sent an encrypted email message. The message will contain a link to access the encrypted message as shown below.


The email recipient will have to click on the link and they will be taken to the email portal. First time users will need to create an account. Returning users will login with the credentials they previously setup. Users who have difficulty accessing the portal will need to access the OI2T Support Portal to submit a ticket regarding accessing the encrypted message.

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