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GoToTraining Integration with Blackboard Tool

Issue Date: 06-24-2016

Important Note: GoToMeeting is no longer available in Blackboard. You may continue to use GoToMeeting via the web. 

OIIT is excited to announce that you can now schedule your GoToTraining sessions in Blackboard using a new integration tool! This does not impact the functionality of the GoToTraining application but rather improves the scheduling of your sessions and the accessing of your recordings.  Another new feature is the records tab. This allows you to view a log of who has attended your sessions.

To add the new tool to your Blackboard course, simply click on the + sign at the top left hand side of the course menu, click on Tool Link, name the tool and select GoToTraining as your tool type, check the box to make it available to users. Once the tool is added the below instructions will assist you in scheduling sessions in your courses.

Please make the appropriate changes in your courses to use this new tool and consider training options for using GoToTraining.

For more assistance and documentation you may self-enroll in the GoToTraining training course by clicking here or register for a training session here!

Step 1:

Click on GoToTraining from your course menu.

Step 2:

If you are clicking on this tool link for the first time, you may be prompted to log in to GoToTraining account, and ALLOW the system to gain access.

Step 3:

Click Create a new Meeting.

Be sure to adjust the session information: Title, Description Occurrence, and Start/End Times. Click Submit.

Your session will now appear under the Sessions tab.

When you are ready to begin your session click Host.

Step 4:

You may also share the URL with any attendees outside of class by clicking on Share.

This will also provide you with the Training ID which can be shared with users who are logging using a mobile device such as an IPad or Android.

Step 5:

To make your session recording accessible under the Recordings tab, be sure to have set up Cloud Based Recording prior to the session start. (documentation available)

Step 6:

Log into, click on My Recordings

Step 7:

Turn the sharing option ON, the recording for the session found under the Recordings tab in your Blackboard course.
Please note that students will be asked to register to view the recording.

Tags: Course Tools

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