Get a Head Start.

If you’re short on flexibility, but not ambition, NSU can fast-track you into industries seeking graduates with your specific skills. Our master’s and doctoral programs are excellent for professionals juggling work and family obligations with much more flexible scheduling, including online classes.

Choose the degree for you in an area of study that can prepare you for careers in business, finance, leadership, executive training or teaching, from early childhood to K-12 to higher education.

Advance Your Career

“The education I got through the MBA program gave me all the resources, the tools, necessary to run my department like a little business.”

- Alica Brown, V.P. of Philanthropy & Communications

Be a Force of Nature

Whether you’re looking to advance your career, get back into the market, or switch careers, a graduate degree from NSU can help you succeed and make a difference that matters. 

  • Education degrees prepare you for teaching but also to become educational administrators, executive trainers and more.
  • Our organizational leadership master’s and doctoral degrees prepare you for senior management positions with a focus on communication, organizational behavior and workplace cultures and change management. 
  • NSU’s M.B.A. allows you to concentrate in high-demand areas like finance, management, marketing, business analytics, complex health systems and supply chain management.

Fast Facts

Success Stories

“The best advice I would give someone now about getting their M.B.A. is just do it.  You never know who you might inspire: your children are watching, your family, your children's friends. Go back and get your degree. It will be worth it in the end.”

– Adrienne B., HR Systems Consultant

“The sky is the limit. As long as you are determined, committed, and take advantage of the tools that are out there; which I was able to do through NSU, I think you'll definitely go far.”

– Alica B., V.P. of Philanthropy & Communications


“Because of connections with my professors and support from my advisors, choosing NSU has given me a considerable edge in my career.”

– Melissa S. Doctoral Student, Organizational Leadership

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