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Previous Years' Highlights

2007 Highlights

Keynote Presentation

Keynote Speakers: Dr. Noreen Facione & Dr. Peter Facione
Linking assessment to teaching & research in the health professions

Session A Session B

Evaluation of a PA course entitled clinical medicine and surgery
JW Rafalko

Evaluation of a health education & promotion course for pharmacy students in Puerto Rico
B Soto-Torres, BI Ortiz, L Arce-Malave

Multimodal summative evaluation of a DPT curriculum
EW Hakim, F Huber

Development of a major specific assessment instrument in the health sciences
KL Lewis, PJ Swerdzewski, S Ragland

Predictors of academic achievement in an allied health program: Maturity & experience
NI Garbani

Enhancing the value of the senior curriculum survey by linking student response to academic profiles and by comparing local responses to national benchmarks
JH Alexander, B Dubin, M Budd, RL Jones, HS Teitelbaum

Using service-earning during the final 6 month internship to enhance & assess core values of professionalism
J Janssen

Changing model of chiropody clinical education in Canada: A focus-group investigation
SC Weltz

Determination of how nurse educators successfully transition to leadership in nursing education
D Whitehead, J Davis, M Fletcher

Developing a physician assistant faculty development model through goals and preferred activities
JW Rafalko

Learning style, learning strategy, & locus of control: Description of students in a distance PhD program
L Nof, C Hill, M Hellman

Getting the right blend: how does teaching change in blended learning environments and what predicts student success?
S Ransdell, S Gaillard-Kenney, S Weiss

The 4-H club: An extracurricular education-enhancement project for PA students
H Feldman

Use of the California Critical Thinking Skills Test to assess outcomes of clinical education
A Denial

Synchronous Distance Interactive Video Teleconferencing For Physician Assistant Education
S Weinreb, Barry University

  1. Bulletin Boards, Forums And Web Boards Used As Virtual Committees
    J Rumsey, P Abplanalp
  2. Wireless Implementation: Ubiquitous Computing in Learning Environments
    L Godsall, J Bucker
  3. Cancelled
  4. ptometrist In Court: Development And Summative Evaluation Of An Innovative Educational Program
    NS Gorman, K Cerminara, V Morales, D Mulumba
  5. Use Of The Physical Therapist Clinical Performance Instrument: Acceptance By Clinical Instructors And Self-reports Of Adherence
    AR Haskins, E Macey, N McGraw, C Price
  6. What Are The Best Assessment Tools For Determining The Impact Of Mainstreaming On Social Interactions For Preschool Children With Visual Impairments?
    T Huston and S Ransdell
  7. An Occupational Therapy Approach to Educating Middle School Students About Preventing Substance Abuse
    B Ginsberg and S Ransdell
  8. The Relationship Between Physical Therapist Students' Scores On The CPI During The Neurorehabilitation Rotation And Neuroscience Lecture Grades
    AR Haskins, NQ Frazier, KD White, CH Barrett
  9. Applying The CCPH Assessment Tool Of Student Perspectives About Community Service-learning To Pre-clinical Optometric Education
    JL Leasher
  10. Pharmacy Education In The 21st Century: Teaching Students How To Present Scientific Information.
    L Arce-Malave, MA Clark

  11. Voluntary Faculty Evaluation And Generational Learners
    DL Thomas, J Thomas, S Greenberg, D Thomas
  12. Changing Characteristics Of Physical Therapy Students
    MM Marvel, RL Dole
  13. The Evolution Of Academic Scholarship
    SJ Register
  14. What Works In The Classroom? A Model For Evaluating Instructional Methods In Health Professions Education
    DM Mitchell, CL Creighton
  15. Evaluation Of Structured Practicums Designed To Address Core Competencies In An Optometric Externship Curriculum
    JK Hunerdosse, H Wagner, AM Janoff
  16. Emotional Engagement And Movie Images: Laughing Matters In Lecturing?
    Y Zagvazdin
  17. Assessment Of An Innovative Pharmacy Rounds Course
    T Poirier
  18. Sleep Medicine Education Benefits Future Health Care Professionals
    CC Purvis
  19. Generation Of An Explanatory Model Of Human Caring In Registered Nurses
    DA Davenport
  20. Economics For Health Professionals
    G Warner
  21. Interprofessional Collaboration On Family Health Teams: Exploring Health Care Professionals' Experiences On “The Team”
    J Beales, Z Austin
  22. Application Of The Situational Leadership Model To Clinical Education
    M Bacigalupi

Worshop Topics

  • Transforming health professions courses to be more learning centered
    AJ Reaka, CR Santanello

  • Developing and implementing standardized evaluation methods in physical assessment
    LM Spooner, AO Kanaan, KM Sullivan

  • Using accreditation standards for assessment: One program’s experience
    G Bass, D Byram-Hanson, J Stube, S Zimmerman

  • How to critically evaluate didactic course examinations
    RA Trachimowicz

  • Computerized item banking and testing: An A+ for students and faculty
    J Banks-Campbell

  • Modeling professionalism in the online environment 
    P Holub, JA Parker

  • Using universal instructional design strategies to enhance student learning
    N Sharby, S Roush

  • Multi-dimensional evaluation of bioterrorism/all-hazardous preparedness education: a 21st century phenomenon
    J Lou, LA Levy

Moderators: Dr. Patrick Hardigan, Dr. Stan Cohen           
Title: Enhancing the practice and profession of teaching within the health professions

Topic: Developing & implementing an educational research agenda: An interdisciplinary perspective

Moderator: Dr. Mary Blackinton


  • Bridging didactic & clinical practical knowledge: design, implementation, and evaluation of a patient-laboratory experience
    MT Blackinton, L Nof

  • Approaches, issues, and solutions to OSCEs in pre-clinical examination techniques, formulation & assessment of a basic competency algorithm in examination of the optic nerve
    KM Daum

  • Longing for recognition: the passion and melancholia of a performing dietician
    J Gingras

  • Creativity in the classroom: Using Jeopardy to evaluate manual muscle testing skills
    C Hill

  • Implications for best practices in lecturing based on research in neurobiology
    K Hagen

  • Developing, applying, and evaluating an interactive multimedia tool-virtual optics labs in optometry education
    B Jiang, L Wang, DS Loshin

Speaker: Dr. Ruth-Marie Fincher (PowerPoint)

Topic: The Scholarship of Teaching: A dream for the future

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