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Mako Hall

Mako Hall is our newest building opened in August 2019 next to the NSU soccer field on the main campus and will house approximately 606 NSU students and 2 professional staff members. Each apartment is fully furnished with in-unit washer and dryers, full sized beds, and kitchen appliances (dishwasher, microwave, stove, and refrigerator). Mako Hall residents are required to abide by all policies and procedures in the Office of Residential Life and Housing Residential Living Guide.

Please note that Mako Hall floors 1-5 are reserved for 1-3 terms lived on and Mako Hall floors 6, & 7 are reserved for 4+ terms lived on. Please also note that the floor breakdown above are subject to change at any point at the discretion of the University. 

Please note that beds in this hall are Full XL.

All undergraduate students living in the Mako Hall, regardless of terms lived on, must purchase a mandatory $450 declining balance plan per semester. If a resident chooses to apply additional funds to their card, they are able to do so at any time.

If a balance exists on a resident's declining balance plan at the end of the fall semester, the resident's funds will roll over to the winter semester. Once the winter semester has ended, the remaining balance will no longer be available to the resident.

All rates include unlimited laundry, NSU secured wireless internet, furnishings, utilities, air conditioning, cable TV, and local telephone service. All housing and declining plan rates and configurations are subject to change.

Room Type Fall 2021 Winter 2022 declining balance plan per semester
Studio $6,850 $6,850 $450
One Bedroom $7,325 $7,325 $450
Two Bedroom $6,600 $6,600 $450
Four Bedroom $5,550 $5,550 $450


Room Type Fall 2020 Winter 2021 declining balance plan per semester
Studio $6,850 $6,850 $450
One Bedroom $7,325 $7,325 $450
Two Bedroom $6,600 $6,600 $450
Four Bedroom $5,550 $5,550 $450
Room Type SUMMER 2021
Studio $4,500
One Bedroom $4,825
Two Bedroom $4,400
Four Bedroom $3,650



One Bedroom


Two Bedroom


Four Bedroom




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