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Rolling Hills

University Pointe Housing

As you know, NSU has experienced significant growth within our undergraduate population over the past 4 years. Resultantly, undergraduate, graduate, and professional on-campus housing has been greatly reduced. Yet, the need remained.

Great News! NSU has finalized an agreement with University Pointe apartments within a couple of miles of campus at the corner of Davie and Griffin Road. 

We know that many of you are interested in living on campus this fall, however, we are requesting that you consider this option for the upcoming academic year.

Some specific details of the agreement that are specific to NSU students are as follows:

  1. In an effort to make this transition seamless and easy, you will not be required to submit a new contract or deposit with University Pointe as we will honor your current 2020-2201 housing contract.  There are 12-month leases for graduate/professional students. 
  2. Students will be charged per semester as if they were living on-campus rather than per month as most apartment complexes. 
  3. All units will be furnished. The semesterly rate is all inclusive – water, electric, internet, trash, parking, and laundry.
  4. Students will be allowed to park on campus as a traditional commuter student. 
  5. There will be student staff but also highly trained and responsive professional UPointe apartment complex staff on-site. 
  6. We currently creating a shuttle route and schedule circling from UPointe directly to campus that will operate seven days a week. 

There are multiple unit types available with rates that have been negotiated to be comparable to Rolling Hills and Mako Hall. These rates are not published on the UPointe apartment page as the rates are specifically for NSU students. 

Visit the University Pointe webpage via to review floor plans and take a virtual tour. 

Graduate Student Housing Releases:

Due to the large number of students interested at University Pointe Apartments (UPointe) and the limited amount of spaces available at UPointe, we will not charge any cancellation fees to graduate students who submit a UPointe & NSU 2020-2021 Housing Contract with us that we are unable to assign.

Graduate Housing Options:

Please consider contacting our NSU Relater Jill Sivert at or call her 954.562.0430, so she can provide you with some housing options that are available for NSU students right now that want to live off campus.

Also, if you have not done so already, please visit our off-campus website here you will find other NSU students like yourself, who are looking to live together off campus.



Unit Type FALL 2020 WINTER 2021 *Total Room for Fall 2020 and Winter 2021
1 Bedroom $7,245 $7,245 $14,490
Studio Master $5,738 $5,738 $11,476
Studio Deluxe $5,558 $5,558 $11,116
Studio Standard $5,228 $5,228 $10,456
2 Bedroom $4,883 $4,883 $9,766
Deluxe 3 Bedroom $4,342 $4,342 $8,684
Standard 3 Bedroom $4,162 $4,162 $8,324
4 Bedroom Master $4,073 $4,073 $8,146
4 Bedroom Standard $3,982 $3,982 $7,964
Unit Type SUMMER 2021
1 Bedroom $4,950
Studio Master $3,825
Studio Deluxe $3,705
Studio Standard $3,485
2 Bedroom $3,255
Deluxe 3 Bedroom $2,895
Standard 3 Bedroom $2,845
4 Bedroom Master $2,715
4 Bedroom Standard $2,655
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