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Leo Goodwin Sr. Residents

Frequently Asked Questions

Room Selection

All students wishing to reside on campus are required to complete a Housing Contract. Upon completion of the Housing Contract, you will be emailed instructions about the next step in the process which may include information on how to pick a new room or details about your assigned room.
Housing Contracts for the 2021-2022 academic year will go live on Monday, March 29th, 2021! Remember: rooms are limited and assignments will be done on a first-come, first-served basis. As a result it is important you complete your housing contract as soon as possible.

Typically, if you submit your contract, you will receive an automated email confirming the submission within a minute. However, in the rare case that you do not receive the email, you can always count on receiving a confirmation email from between 1-2 business days after submitting your contract. Please feel to contact us at (954) 262-7052 or email us at with any questions or concerns about our assignments process. 

It is your responsibility to ensure/confirm that your housing application submission was successful.

The majority of incoming first-year students will end up living in Leo Goodwin Sr. Residence Hall, The Commons, and select floors of CLC. Incoming students in the Razor's Edge programs will live in The Commons 3rd floor.

All current undergraduate residents who will have 1-3 terms (semesters) lived on campus by the end of the Winter 2021 semester (April 25th, 2021) will reside in FFV, Rolling Hills Building C and select floors within CLC and Mako Hall.

Undergraduate students who will have 4 or more terms (semesters) lived on campus by the end of the Winter 2021 semester (April 25th, 2021) will have the opportunity to live in exclusively at UPointe, select floors of Mako Hall and Rolling Hills Buildings A.  

Undergraduate students who are 21 years of age or older may live in the upper class apartments depending on space availability.  Housing is not required or guaranteed for students who are 25 years of age or older.

Due to yearly changes in occupancy, students may not retain their current housing assignments between academic years. 

Undergraduate residents who have a completed a housing contract on file, but are not able to select a space in the apartments, will be placed on a waitlist. The waitlist will be for housing in Mako Hall, FFV, CLC, or Rolling Hills depending on terms lived on and occupancy, you will be assigned to the first available space in these areas on a first–come, first–served basis.
Yes – however, this depends on space availability at the time you complete your 4 term lived on. You will not be included in the group of students who are able to select Rolling Hills A during the original process. Please note there may be a sizeable waitlist by the end of the summer when you complete your 4 term lived on, so it is recommended you secure a room in FFV, CLC or Mako Hall and request to be placed on the waitlist. You will be added to the waitlist only when you complete your 4 term lived on.

ALL undergraduate students who want to be able to select their own roommates during our self-selection process must:

  1. Contracts: Complete a: 2021-2022 Undergraduate Housing Contract with us
    1. Located on the University Housing Contract portal.
    1. Once your contract has been processed, you will receive an email stating that you can begin selecting your roommate(s). You cannot select roommates until you and all the people who you want to live with have received an email with your self-selection day and time.
    2. 2021-2022 Undergraduate Housing Contracts are due by Thursday, April 1st by 5pm EST
    3. Please submit a contract by this deadline to be able to pull in other returning students who completed their contracts by the deadline. Students who submit their contract late, will not be able to roommate match with students who submitted their contracts on time.
    1. 2021-2022 Undergraduate Housing Contracts are due by Saturday, May 1st, 2021 . New students will not be able to select their roommates until they receive their self-selection day and time after the deadline above. Please submit a contract by this deadline, to be able to pull in other students who completed their contracts by the deadline in as roommates. New students who submit their contract late, will not be able to room with new students who submitted their contracts on time.
  4. Roommate Groups: The following groups can only live with one another. They cannot live with someone in another group type.
    1. Razors Edge Incoming Freshmen
    2. Razors Edge Rising Sophomores
    3. Fischler Academy and Huizenga Incoming Freshmen
    4. Incoming Student Athlete
    5. 0 Terms (Semesters) Lived on Campus and Who Are Under 20 Years Old
    6. 0 Terms (Semesters) Lived on Campus and Who Are 20 Years and Older
    7. 1-3 Terms (Semesters) Lived on Campus
    8. 4+ Terms (Semesters) Lived on Campus 

Please Note:

  • Incoming new students cannot participate in roommate matching until after they receive their self-selection day and time email in May 2021.

How to Select a Roommate

The short answer is “no.”  During the self-selection process, a suite will be locked for a few minutes while a student is selecting their bedroom. Students wishing to live together should go through the roommate selection process.

Please note that the roommate selection process starts after they receive their self-selection day and time email, after submitting their housing contract by their contract deadline. 

You will not need to resubmit a $500 deposit each year, as we hold onto your original deposit until you choose to leave housing altogether. When you submit a new contract, our system will see that you have a deposit on file and should not ask you to submit another one.

Students who need to leave housing prior to the conclusion of their housing contract for academic reasons may be exempt from buying out their contract. These decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. Please check out our Housing Contract Release Process page for for information.

All our housing assignments are decided on a first-come, first-served basis.  As all students will be participating in a self-selection process this year, you may select a single room for yourself if there are any available at the time you try to select your room. If there are no more singles during this process, it means we do not have any available and you will need to self-select a space. After selecting a space, you can add yourself to a wait list for your desired room type. 

Every single student who wishes to live on campus needs to submit a housing contract, Razor’s Edge included. Razor's Edge first years can only live with other Razor's Edge first years in the Commons. Razor's Edge sophomores can only live with other Razor's Edge sophomores in Mako Hall.

Razor's Edge first years must live in the Commons Residence Hall 3rd floor and Razor Edge Sophomores must live in Mako Hall 2nd floor. 

Room and Meal Plan Information

Please check out our Room Rates page for more information about housing costs.

Undergraduate students wishing to reside on campus for the Summer semester must complete a separate Summer Housing Contract for that term. The Office of Residential Life and Housing will then assign you to a space in the apartment area(s) designated for summer housing. Students living on campus during the summer are expected to be available to move from their Winter semester assignment to their summer assignment during the first few weeks of the summer housing term, and from their summer assignment to their Fall semester assignment during the weeks following the conclusion of the summer housing term. Students who are not available during these times may face additional charges to have their items moved/removed. Students assigned to summer housing, will receive their summer assignment email with their check in instructions prior to checking in. 

Residents in Leo Goodwin and The Commons will have a $1,595 mandatory meal plan per semester. Residents in Mako Hall, FFV, CLC, and Rolling Hills will have a mandatory $450 meal plan per semester. Please keep in mind that Dining Services and meal plans are managed by Nova Southeastern University Business Services, and that these rates are subject to change from year to year. To learn more about changes in meal plans please contact Business Services at (954) 262–8830.

A student’s mandatory declining-balance plan rolls over from the fall semester to the winter semester, but expires at the end of the winter semester. There are no mandatory meal plans required or provided during the summer term. 

Incoming Students

Each student is able to submit a Personal Preference Survey within the Housing Portal.  This survey is a list of 10-15 questions about a student's personal living preferences.  Students will be able to view one another's answers to these questions when selecting rooms in order to assist in finding compatible roommates. The Office of Residential Life and Housing does not use this information when manually assigning students to spaces. This survey is solely for students to have a better understanding of who they may be living with before they self-select a room.

In our upper-class apartments (Mako Hall, FFV, CLC, and Rolling Hills), students are provided with a full-sized refrigerator and a stove/oven. Mako Hall has in unit dish washers, washer and dryers. The rooms and suites in Leo Goodwin and The Commons do not come with any kitchen appliances. Students may bring microwaves up to 900 watts, mini-fridges up to 4.0 cubic feet, and any other appliance that does not have an external heating system. This means something like a Keurig is allowed, but something like a hot plate is prohibited.

All of our beds in Leo Goodwin, The Commons, FFV, CLC, and Rolling Hills Building C quad rooms require Twin Extra Long (or Twin XL) bedsheets. The mattress dimensions are 39 x 80 inches.

Students living in Mako Hall have full-sized beds. 

Students living in Rolling Hills A have queen-sized beds.

We strongly discourage the use of beds that are not provided by our office, as the mattresses that we provide comply with the strictest state fire codes and have a strong resistance to bed bugs. A student may bring their own bed, but they may not remove the university-provided bed from their room, so it may reduce the person’s usable space.
Yes, a new transfer student will be assigned to Rolling Hills Apartments.
No, you do not. For your own convenience, we recommend submitting your immunization records as soon as you are able to after submitting your contract.  However, as long as you submit the required immunization records prior to arriving at NSU, you will be allowed to move in. You may email them to us at or fax them to (954) 262-3812.

Moving Out

Nova Southeastern University has a residency requirement for all undergraduate day-time students entering an academic year with fewer than 49 credit hours, except for in the following cases:

  • You are married or in a domestic partnership.
  • You reside with a parent or legal guardian within the tri–county area (Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach).
  • You are a veteran or active United States military personnel.
  • You are 25 years of age or older.
For all questions regarding a release from your housing contract, please see our Housing Contract Release Process page, which lays out the majority of situations in a fair amount of detail.  If you do not see your situation there, please feel free to reach out to us at
From the date a student moves out of housing, it could take up to a week for the student’s check-out to be processed by our office. Once your checkout has been processed, the Bursar’s office releases your housing deposit back to your student account. If you have an account balance, the deposit goes toward paying off that balance. If you do not have an account balance, the deposit will either be released back to the card used to pay it originally or sent to you as a check. Please reach out to the Bursar’s office at (954) 262-5200 for more information.


At this point in time, we do not have any kind of family housing and do not allow children to live on campus.

These questions all have different answers depending on the year and depending on each individual situation. We have a number of camps and conferences on campus each summer, and many of our summer move–over dates are dependent on the dates and locations of these groups. Additionally, our summer housing is located in our upper class apartments, many of which will not become fully available until after graduation.

In general, move-over into summer housing occurs within the first week of the summer housing term and move-over from summer housing into fall housing occurs either toward the end of the summer housing term or shortly after. If you currently live on campus, will live on campus during the summer, and will live on campus in the fall, you will never be completely without housing. We try to communicate specific move-in details at the end of the winter term and provide move fall move instruction in the summer term via email.

Unless you are living in summer housing, you must completely remove your belongings from the residence halls. We do not provide summer storage services, as our rooms are used during the summer for camps, conferences, and summer students.

Unfortunately, if a student is not registered for classes, they will not be able to reside in on-campus housing. If a student is only registered for courses for the first eight weeks of a semester, they will not be able to live on campus for the second eight weeks unless they register for more classes. The same applies to students who are only registered for the second eight weeks of classes within a semester.

The only exception to this rule is undergraduate housing for the summer term. An undergraduate student may live on campus during the summer without being registered for summer courses, provided they are registered for courses the following fall semester.

Nova Southeastern University provides student housing 365 days per year, and 366 days during a leap year. We also have three to four levels of on-call emergency response every hour of every day. You are not required to move out of housing at any point during the duration of your contract, with the exception of emergency evacuation periods. However, if you will be remaining on campus during longer breaks like winter break, we request that you notify your Resident Assistant and Area Coordinator.
This is particularly common for students who identify as transgender or nonbinary. If your requested roommate(s) have a different gender on file with the University than yours, please contact our office so that your roommate request can be recorded. At this time the housing software will not automatically process these roommate requests, but staff can process them manually. All students wishing to live together must confirm in-writing via their NSU email address. Students will not be automatically placed in a gender-inclusive suite/apartment and these requests are handled on a case-by-case basis. These requests are not designed for use by domestic partners and any abuse of this policy may result in a student conduct review.
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