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Registering for Courses in Webstar

To register for your courses as a new student you need to login in Webstar. For current students will continue to login in Sharklink or Webstar.

Go to and click the Sign In button to log in. Once you log in to Webstar entering your Sharklink ID (example: help123) and password you will see the general menu (as shown below):

Click on Student and you will see the following menu:

Click on Registration on the student menu. You will then see the registration menu, as shown below:

  1. Click Registration and Add/Drop Classes.
  2. Select the term you wish to register for in from the Select Term drop down menu and click on Submit. It is possible that the system will ask you to accept the Student Enrollment Agreement Form (SEA) in order to register, as shown below:

    After agreeing to the terms you are guided to the Add Classes Worksheet.


3. Type the CRNs for the courses you wish to take in the spaces provided to you. When you are finished, click on Submit Changes.


 * Please Note: CRNs are usually either 4- or 5-digit numbers. They are not preceded by a subject. Example: For the course TECH 1110, "1110" is not the CRN for the course. Enter one 5-digit CRN per box.

4. Click Class Search and follow the instructions to search for your course CRN.
5. Once you've entered the CRN(s) and clicked Submit Changes, the page will refresh and you should see the course you just added show up above the Add Classes section.

If you receive the error: "Course not within date range for part of term" this usually means that registration for this course has been closed. You will need to contact your academic advisor for assistance.


In the event that you are unable to register for your classes or complete online course drop, you can use the
Student Transaction Form (Online).

If you have any technical issues during the registration process, please call the Student Support Help Desk at 954-262-4357.

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