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Netscape Communicator 4.x Email Setup

  1. Open up Netscape.
  2. Click on Edit and select Preferences. This will give you the following screen:
    Netscape Communicator Preferences Screen
  3. Double click on Mail & Newsgroups or click on the + by Mail & Newsgroups. This will change the screen to look like the following:
    Netscape Communicator Preferences Mail & Newsgroups section screen
  4. Click on Identity and fill it in as follows (be sure to substitute your information for the sample information):
    Netscape Preferences Identity Screen
  5. Click on Mail Servers and click on Add. Fill in information as shown below:
    Netscape Communicator Mail Server Properties screen
  6. Click on OK . This will bring the Preferences screen back up. Fill in the remaining information as shown below**.
    Netscape Communicator Mail Servers Settings screen
  7. Click on OK. Close Netscape and restart it.

**Note: If you are using an ISP other than NSU you will need to enter your ISP's SMTP server and SMTP server username.

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