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Wellness Made Simple

Makes Keeping Healthy Simple!!

The Wellness Made Simple program is a partnership between Nova Southeastern University, and ICUBA to provide comprehensive primary health care in a setting that facilitates communication, healthy lifestyle decisions, and plans of care for treatment or prevention. The goal of the program is to promote preventive medicine, identify patient health risks, provide treatment, and prevent a more serious condition in patients with health risks.

The Wellness Made Simple program is available to all employees and family members insured by ICUBA who are 18 years of age and older. It does not apply to pediatrics (aged 0 - 17).

Register for the Wellness Made Simple program and receive FULL WELLNESS BENEFITS at NSU by completing a physical examination, including blood work, (covered by your ICUBA Insurance) to receive

  • ongoing care through regular check-ups with an NSU physician or physician assistant at NSU Health Care Centers*

  • advice on preventive care based on risk factors

  • a dedicated phone number for convenient appointment scheduling and easy access to physicians

  • no co-payments or co-insurance

Registration occurs when you make an appointment or at your next scheduled appointment.

NSU has a team of professionals ready to put you in the center of your Wellness Made Simple.

Your health care professional will:

  • Utilize the latest health information technology and evidence-based medical approaches, as well as maintain updated electronic personal health records;

  • Monitor regular check-ups for patients to identify looming health crises, and initiate treatment/prevention measures before costly, last-minute emergency procedures are required;

  • Provide advise on preventative care based on environmental and genetic risk factors they face;

  • Help patients make healthy lifestyle decisions; and

  • Coordinate care, when needed, making sure procedures are relevant, necessary and performed efficiently

*All services will be provided at the Sanford L. Ziff Center, 3200 University Drive, Davie and at the North Miami Beach Center, 1750 NE 167th Street, North Miami Beach.

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