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Neuropsychology Assessment | NSU

Neuropsychology Assessment

Our goal is to diagnose disorders of the central nervous system, provide consultation on the etiology, rate of progression, and prognosis of cerebral pathology, and offer recommendation or referral for the patient's treatment. Referrals generally come from physicians, mental health professionals, educators, and attorneys and typically include:

  • Differential diagnosis of psychiatric, neuropsychological and learning problems.
  • Differential diagnosis of dementia vs. depression
  • Evaluation to determine cognitive, emotional, or behavioral symptoms subsequent to head injury or any other neurological disease.
  • Diagnosis of learning disability, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or intellectual disability
  • Determination of mental competence
  • Forensic evaluations for injuries resulting in cognitive or emotional problems
  • Determination of appropriate school placement for IEPs and gifted

Who We Help

The Neuropsychology Assessment Center at Nova Southeastern University evaluates all persons 5 years of age and older. Anyone interested in determining the testing fee and scheduling an appointment should contact us.

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