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Family Medicine Health Care | NSU

Family Medicine

When should you see a doctor? What type of doctor should you see? Who will treat your family members? The answer is simple. Your first and most important contact is your family medicine physician at the Nova Southeastern University Health Care Centers. The family physician should be your doctor.

What We Do

Family medicine is a specialty based on the traditional doctor-patient relationship, with the physicians viewing and treating you, the patient, as a whole person. This includes emphasizing the prevention of disease while meeting your physical health needs and having concern for your emotional well-being ― all in the context of your family and community.

Who We Help

Our family physicians care for patients of all ages, genders, and your entire family. Whether you are well or ill, throughout your lifetime your family physician should be your first contact and at the center of your health care. In today's confusing medical environment, family physicians are more valuable than ever because they provide continuity for your care and manage all your health needs. In addition, your family physician will coordinate your care with other members of the health care team and specialists and be your advocate when the need arises.

Family medicine physicians are trained to treat the whole person with an emphasis on wellness, health, and a respect for the cultural, religious, and personal beliefs that make each of us unique.

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