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South Florida Health Care Centers | NSU


The Division of Clinical Operations oversees the administration and oversight of the University's 33 different health care centers in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. Offering University health care services to the community, some not available elsewhere, and community outreach programs in the form of free health care education and assessments for vision, medical, speech, and behavior health, physical and occupational therapy and dental services. The services are coordinated by our nationally recognized faculty within our 10 health care colleges and programs. Last year, over 250,000 patients took advantage of our high level, multi-specialty services.

As the health care providers for a growing segment of the South Florida population, we are proud of our reputation for university-level health care and remain committed to our goal of enhancing the health and well-being of the communities we serve.

Medical Care

Our physicians care for patients of all ages, genders‚ and your entire family.

Dental Care

We provide standard dental care as well as braces care, root canals, and other specialities.

Challenging Behavior Clinic

The Challenging Behavior Clinic offers parent training and 1-on-1 treatment for children 18 months to 8 years engaging in problem behavior such as tantruming, aggression, self-injurious, and/or significant disruptive behavior.

Developmental Assessment Clinic

The Developmental Assessment Clinic provides comprehensive assessment services for children evidencing developmental delays or symptoms on the autism spectrum. Support services are also available for families with a child diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

Optometric Care

Complete range of personalized eye care examinations and testing.

Pediatric Feeding Disorders

The Pediatric Feeding Disorders Clinic presents comprehensive assessment and treatment for children who refuse to eat enough food (e.g., feeding tube or formula dependent) or who severely restrict the variety of foods consumed.

Psychological Services

We provide a wide array of therapy and testing services to adults, children, adolescents, and elderly clients.

Physical Rehabilitation

Our state-of-the-art treatments emphasize a return to daily activities, work, and sport.


This is a full-service pharmacy available to the community for all prescription needs.

Audiology Clinic

We diagnose, manage, and treat, infants, children, and adults, including those with special needs with hearing and vestibular (balance) disorders.

Community Resolution Services

Professional mediation and facilitation services, training, workshops, and conflict coaching.

Family Therapy

We focus on our clients' strengths and resources, working collaboratively with them to find creative solutions for vexing problems.

Speech, Language, and Communication

We provide evaluation and treatment for speech, language and communication delays and disorders.

Early Childhood Development

Based on the Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP) program, we give multi-disciplinary services to children of up-to-8 years of age and their families.

Student Medical Center

This center performs quality primary health-care services for our Nova Southeastern University students.

Student Counseling

We are a free service offered to full- and part-time students at NSU.

Community Outreach Programs

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