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Faculty & Staff



Naushira Pandya, M.D., C.M.D.

Geriatrics Chair
Director of the Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Program
(954) 262-1425

Naushira Pandya is professor and chair of the Department of Geriatrics at the Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine and the project director of the Health Resources and Services Administration-funded Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Program. She is a certified medical director and a geriatrics fellowship program director at Aventura Hospital and Medical Center.

Pandya has an active clinical practice and teaches health professions students, residents, and fellows. In addition, she collaborates with health professionals in clinical research. The focus of her publications has been on the care of frail older adults, especially those with diabetes. She is board certified in internal medicine, geriatrics, endocrinology, and metabolism.

She is past president of the American Medical Directors Association National Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine and past chair of the Interdisciplinary Clinical Practice Committee. She has participated in the development of multiple clinical guidelines and position statements and is recognized for her work in the area of diabetes in the elderly. Pandya also holds the distinction of being a Fulbright Senior Specialist Scholar.


Sweta Tewary, Ph.D., M.S.W., BI

Administrative Director of SFGWEP
Assistant Professor    
(954) 262-4015

Sweta Tewary is an experienced health care professional with specific training in the field of health care and technology. She is an assistant professor with the Department of Geriatrics and is also the administrative director of a federally funded Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) grant—the Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program. She has worked on multiple grants funded through the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute, the Children’s Trust, HRSA, and the Retirement Research Foundation.

Most of Tewary’s work involved developing program evaluations, measurements, identifying data trends, opportunities for program services improvement, making recommendations for future funding opportunities to enhance services, using data to explore and develop sustainability, and collaborating with health care providers for project implementation. She is passionate about data analytics and investigating questions that can help improve the health of the community, promote health equity, and contribute to a culture of health.

Tewary has been involved in multiple projects with innovative outcomes that have led to the success of many organizations. Some of her strengths are designing evaluation protocols, conducting statistical analysis to employ the best available data using appropriate social-science research techniques, curriculum development, and developing quality-improvement measures.

 Faculty and Staff

Sashah Damier, M.B.A., CRCP-I

Program Manager, SFGWEP    
(954) 262-1078

Sashah Damier is a Haitian-American professional with more than a decade of experience working in patient-focused roles and grant administration within various clinical health care and educational settings. She has extensive experience in finance and health care services, as well as in program coordination and administration. She currently serves as the financial manager for a National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences/National Institutes of Health-funded grant and a Health Resources and Services Administration-funded grant.

Damier is pursuing a Doctor of Education degree with a concentration in human services administration at NSU. The research for her dissertation is focused on patient health care literacy, looking at how well patients understand information that is presented to them by health care providers and facilities, and how that translates into improved patient outcomes. She is passionate about creating tools and strategies that improve community health and safety, while ensuring effective and meaningful relationships among all parties.


Joey Garcia, B.S.


Medical Communications Coordinator

Web Development and Communications, SFGWEP 

(954) 262-4254

Joey Garcia earned his B.S. in Public Relations from the University of Florida where he had the opportunity to participate in various campaign initiatives for the College of Journalism and Communications as well as the College of Dental Medicine as an intern and student. Garcia continued his work in higher education when he joined the NSU College of Dental Medicine after graduation. During his role as a communications specialist, he managed all social media platforms for the college along with creating news content and designs. Garcia also worked in the Department of Dental Continuing Education with email marketing campaigns, website content and social media efforts for the program.

Garcia later joined the Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine where he took on various roles in social media, web development and editing/writing for various channels including COM Outlook, SharkBytes and Collaborations magazine and newletters. In 2020, Garcia expanded his role to include providing web development and communications support to the Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program.


Denise Pryor Kruszynski, A.P.R.N., FNP-BC 


Family Nurse Practitioner
Clinical Trainer for the Age Friendly Health System    

Denise Pryor Kruszynski is an advanced practice registered nurse with five years’ experience in primary and urgent care, women’s health, minor dermatology, and clinical procedures. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Barry University and later obtained a Master of Science in Nursing from Nova Southeastern University. Her main roles include assessing, diagnosing, treating and managing complex patients, ordering and interpreting lab/imaging tests, medication therapy, and referrals, as appropriate.

Kruszynski furthered her passion of optimizing patient well-being with her conversant skills in English and Spanish and is knowledgeable in Hierarchical Condition Category coding and health reimbursement arrangement. She is interested in promoting wellness throughout the life span through nutritional healing and fitness.


Robbyn Sandhouse, J.D., RN


RN Case Manager

Division of Clinical Operations, SFGWEP 

(954) 262-1947

Robbyn Sandhouse currently serves as the case manager for NSU Health’s Division of Clinical Operations. She interfaces with internal and external health care providers and disciplines to promote best practices in patient health care. She is a member of the Gerontological Society of America and is a collaborative team member of the HRSA-funded Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Program. Sandhouse holds degrees in the disciplines of nursing, health science, and law. She has extensive experience in clinical health care and health care regulatory compliance, as well as within the health care insurance industry. Sandhouse is board certified in case management by the American Board of Managed Care Nursing.

Lisa Tafares, M.Ed.

Administrative Coordinator III
Curriculum Site Coordinator, SFGWEP    

Lisa Tafares is an administrative professional with 20 years of experience managing academic and medical departments at the University of Miami. She currently serves as the curriculum and site coordinator for the NSU South Florida Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Program. She received her bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2008 and her master’s degree in education in 2018 with a specialization in higher education leadership. Tafares is in the process of choosing a doctorate that combines her passions—psychology and education with geriatrics—to help improve the treatment of senior citizens. She aims to use her education and experience to bring awareness about health issues that affect people as they age and improve quality of care.



Adriana Torres, M.S.

Administrative Assistant II , SFGWEP    
(954) 262-4250


Adriana Torres, M.S., began working in higher education as a graduate assistant in the financial aid office. Torres then worked at Florida International University as a coordinator for an oral health initiative grant that was founded by the Peacock Foundation. The oral health initiative began due to physicians of the Green Family Foundation NeighborhoodHELP program seeing a great need for oral health care. Torres coordinated two free family oral health events and partnered with community organizations to bring about oral health education and basic oral health care. She also contacted families and connected them with community organizations that offered free or reduced dental care costs. Torres assisted underserved families for five years and has enjoyed assisting others in connecting them to community resources.

Torres graduated with a master’s degree from Nova Southeastern University and was invited to speak at South Texas College to discuss her research on human trafficking.


Kimberly Valenti, M.Ed.

Medical Education Program Director
Interprofessional Education and Practice Coordinator, SFGWEP    
(954) 262-1650

Kimberly Valenti has been with NSU’s Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine (KPCOM) for nine years. Before her role in medical education, Valenti worked for the KPCOM Office of Innovation and Research writing grants while working on multiple interprofessional initiatives with the Center for Interprofessional Education and Practice. She currently serves as the program director for the Master of Science in Medical Education program and the director of interprofessional education initiatives for the KPCOM.  In addition, Valenti holds a leadership position, alongside Elizabeth Swann, Ph.D., ATC, for the recently transitioned NSU-HPD Center for Interprofessional Education and Practice, housed under the HPD Department of Educational Development.




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